Thursday, October 18, 2012

Patience Needed... I continue with the craziness of college preparations and pro-life work this October.

After this month, life slows down, and I will once again have time to post here.

So please, just bear with me until the end of this month!

Thank you!

(In the meantime, check out my nine-part series on the state of the world and other political reflections, which provides good "food for thought" during these weeks leading up to the election:
"We're Selling the News" series: Part One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine)


  1. Hi Arafea,
    Please pray for Prince Edward Island this week. It is the only province in Canada without abortion,and the Reproductive Rights group has received national attention. They are hosting a rally to make sure that they get what they want, AKA abortion. The pro-lifers are bombarding the government with letters to show they they can be just as persistent as the other side. Please keep them in your prayers.

  2. I will continue to pray for them, and will have to look into the results of the rally and post about it here. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

    God bless!


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