My name is Abigail C. Reimel, and I am currently a freshman in college.  "A Catholic Teen's Perspective" was originally started as a means for me, a budding Catholic author, to  practice writing in a public place.  As the years passed, my writing improved, and thanks to the help of a saintly English professor, I was picked up by other sites.  Though writing novels is my dream, posting here on this blog and writing articles for other sources is something I truly enjoy, and it has helped me improve my skills and begin to develop a name for myself.

This blog is where I do my casual writing.  I am a monthly contributor to Ignitum Today and Catholic Stand; IT is an online site where a plethora of young adults write articles on all things Catholic from their unique viewpoints, and CS is a website geared towards recent converts to the Catholic faith, where a variety of Catholics write articles about Catholic tradition and practices, frequently referencing Church documents and Papal encyclicals.  I am also an occasional contributor to the St. Austin Review's online "Ink Desk"; the St. Austin Review (StAR) is an international, Catholic, literary journal which is published bimonthly, and the "Ink Desk" is the online blog.  My most recent online article is entitled "Sex, Drugs, and Country?".  I was published in September/October 2012 edition of the StAR, "Hobbits and Heroines" with my article "The Best Thing My Mom Ever Made Me Do: My Forced Discovery of Tolkien".  This was my first, published article, hopefully one of many to come.

When I started this blog, I began posting under the name Arafea, meaning "Noble Spirit" in Elvish, for it is my wish to imitate the beautiful courage of J.R.R. Tolkien's characters in my life, and his eloquence and depth in my writing.

The Lord has truly blessed me by giving me this gift of writing.  Since recognizing this, it has been my greatest desire to serve Him with it, to use my talents to reach out to others and bring them closer to God.  All the good that I create is simply God working through me, and the ill that I may do is the result of my attempts to do things by myself!

Feel free to contact me with any questions.  Thank you for stopping by.

To God be the Glory!

"The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness cannot overcome it..."
John 1:5

Painting by Jef Murray