Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Few More Weeks...

Just a few more weeks of extremely hard work, and then I will be able to come home for a full month, my first semester of college completed!  It has been a very difficult couple of weeks, and the insanity that comes with the approach of Finals is just around the corner.  I can hardly believe that November is almost over!

But, in the midst of this craziness, Christ has been a constant, soothing presence, and during the time of year when my life is going to become the craziest, the Church's splendid liturgical calendar is starting a new year, and the wonderfully peaceful time of joyful preparation for Christ's birth also draws near.

So as you all- my dear, patient readers- mentally prepare yourselves for the craziness ahead as I am, take heart in knowing that the lovely season of Advent will be flowing like a peaceful current throughout the craziness, so let yourselves relax and let God fill your spirits with His stillness and quiet as the joyous exaltation of Christmas draws near.

And resist the urge to listen to that radio Christmas music!  Believe me, when Christmas actually comes, you'll be happy you did! :)