Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The More I Learn...

A young C.S. Lewis
In writing about her opinions of several C.S. Lewis books a friend of mine had finished, she remarked: "The more I learn, the more I want to love."  This sentence resonated with me, because it reflected such an honest and beautiful desire of the soul to continue to learn more about her Divine Spouse.  Here she was, my friend, reading and reading, delving deeper into the incredible depths of God in her quest for answers, and though she did not always come back with perfect understanding of the ways of God (for, as St. Augustine says, "If it can be understood, it is not God"), she came back with a great sense of wonder and awe, and found herself falling more in love with Jesus. 
I think this reflects an important part of every Christian's spiritual life: the need to learn and spend time reflecting upon the mysteries of God, in order to learn more about Him, and thus fall more in love with Him.  After all (to use the over-used analogy), if a young man never spent time with his girlfriend, never read her letters (or e-mails, or tweets, etc.), never listened when she wanted to talk to him, and never thought about her unless he was with her, he wouldn't grow in love for her, and she would no longer make an effort to give him extra attention.  She may still love him, but she would be hurt, because this man who seemed to be in love with her is not making any effort to know her more fully.  Now- God's feelings are not "hurt" if we don't read the Bible or pray the Rosary- because He is above human emotion and pain.  But, He isn't just sitting up in Heaven nodding at everyone who comes by, saying "I know, you never spent any time trying to get to know me, never really seemed to care that much about me, and until now never expressed much interest in me, but you can come right ahead in and catch up on all that praying, learning, and interest-expressing right now.  Come, enter my kingdom!"  No, I'm sorry, but being apathetic about God and morals never turned St. Peter's key.  Yes, God loves us unconditionally.  But, He did not create us so that He could watch us walk around ignoring Him.  No, He created us to love Him and help others grow in this love as well.  And the best way to grow in love for anything, anyone, is to learn more about them.  Spend time reading the Bible- the greatest of theology books- or read books by other great spiritual writers.  It can be fiction, or non-fiction, as long as it turns your mind to God and stirs within your heart that great longing to fill that "God-shaped" hole with knowledge and love for Christ.

May God bless your learning!

Thanks C.L. for allowing me to use your beautiful line!  May God bless!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Ave Maria!

May, the month of Mary, has begun!

Ave Maria!  Salve Regina!

For a beautiful May meditation upon Mary and Spring, read Gerard Manley Hopkin's "May Magnificat".

Happy May!

Image: L'Innocence by William-Adolphe Bouguereau