• (This site has lyrics to all sorts of Christian bands and other cool features)
  • (This is an awesome website! Just enter a song or artist and you get a great mix of free music that is similar to your chosen piece. And it's free! Your own personalized "radio station that only plays music you like!")

  •  (An awesome site for a list of pro-life and pro-choice bands, info and news)
  • (A good place for t-shirts with interesting slogans and good research information)
  • (All pro-life news, all the time. Great resource, always up-to-date.)
  • ("A New Media Movement for Life!" These are the guys who exposed Planned Parenthood with their undercover videos...)
  • (National Right to Life website full of information, upcoming outreach events, political news, and other amazing resources.)
  • (Has talks and other resources dealing with pro-life issues.)
  • (Post-Abortion Healing for men and women, very powerful.)
  • (American Life League's website, where they have wonderful pro-life articles and discuss daily news).
  • (This website will inform you of which vaccines and medicines use aborted fetal sells or other immoral ingredients, so you will know which ones to avoid).

more to be added soon....