Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Book for These Times

Eclipse of the Sun
-Michael D. O'Brien

As I was reading this book, I couldn't believe how perfectly it fit the theme of this series "We're Selling the News." 

Within this book, Michael D. O'Brien describes a world that is nearing the Apocalypse.  It has fallen into horrible sin, human life is no longer respected, purity is non-existent, and the government has begun to treat its citizens like clones, or robots, simply manipulating them and brain-washing them to fit the agenda of some rich and lofty official.  Yet, amidst this ruin there are still the faithful; within this book the author describes the plight of the children of a radical journalist who are now being sought out by the government.  He focuses on the journalist's youngest son, Arrow, as this poor boy is assisted across Canada in his search not only for his family but also for truth and happiness.  He is helped by a prophetic priest, eccentric old lady, a good Protestant family, and even an angel. 
I do not want to give too much away, so I will end this summary here. 

The scary thing about this book is that, while reading it, one cannot help but notice that many of the sinful ways this disgusting culture has accepted are being implemented in our country now.  Mr. O'Brien's descriptions of this fallen world are revolting, yet one cannot help but acknowledge that this country is not that far away from fulfilling all of the author's prophesies.
I loved this book and highly suggest it for all older teens and adults.  I would not allow any one younger than that to read it, due to some of the descriptions of the twisted culture, not done in an inappropriate context, but detailing inappropriate things to fully depict how fallen the world has become.

This book is for our times, as it is describing the beginning of the end, upon which we are on the edge of entering.  Within these pages, Mr. O'Brien provides a clear distinction between right and wrong, and gives the reader inspiring characters as examples for how he should handle the destruction around him.

May God bless Michael D. O'Brien, and all those whose eyes are opened after reading his books.


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