Sunday, October 30, 2011

Black and White

See opinions are easier to swallow than facts
the greys instead of the whites and the blacks
If you shoot it too straight they wont come back
We're selling the news

See money speaks volumes louder than words
Or virtues with wings maybe not quite at first
But salaries are paid by the ads not the birds
We're selling the news

Photo: Bronze sculpture
"The Encounter" in Toronto

"See opinions are easier to swallow than facts" begins Switchfoot's second verse, stating something that our newsstands prove.  One can't walk into a grocery store without seeing the latest gossip on Hollywood celebrities filling the racks near the cash registers.  People spend all their free time reading about the latest scandal and what Mr. so-and-so has to say about it; they're up to date on their soap opera drama, yet they don't know what is truly going on in the world.  The magazines people trust for information are lying to them as journalists fill their columns with their opinions on the news and market it as the truth.  The American people are becoming afraid of hearing how badly our country is doing, so the news reports don't tell them about how the country is basically at the mercy of China thanks to the humongous debt America owes them, no instead they tell them that China is the superman for America, and that they will save the world from economic collapse (check out this month's Time magazine).  They sell what the people want to hear, making sure they are so politically correct no truth could ever even creep in, because it might offend someone.  This is what the second line means.  The reporters sell the "greys" because they're safe.  It's not what the American people need to hear, but it will keep all sides happy.  Quick question, when Jesus came, did He water down the truth to make all sides happy?  I don't think so.  But the CEOs of The New York Times, CNN, and TIME Magazine don't care, because if "they shoot it too straight they won't come back," and lost subscriptions means less money, and that is something they cannot live without.

And so Switchfoot concludes that "our money speaks volumes louder than words," and oh how true this is.  One can pay anyone to do just about anything now, and the threat of inconvenience is now more powerful than the danger of a lost soul.  The people with the biggest share in the news station decide which stories get published and what lies must be mixed in with them before the anchors announce the headlines.  The channels claim to broadcast "fair and balanced" reports (Fox News slogan); their reporting is fair and balanced alright, fair for the Muslims and balanced so that no alarming stories will awaken people to the true state of the country.

Finally, virtues that should be spreading and growing are suppressed by the need to make a buck.  Companies supply abortion coverage to equal competitors without considering the evil behind it.  We need to wake up!  We need to start demanding, defending, and searcing for the truth!  We need to stop accepting and believing the "news" they're shoving down our throats and start investigating for ourselves!!! 

Stand up and fight for the truth that our Lord came and died defending.  For God is Truth, and if we continue to deny and hide from Him, He will have no reason to give our country the blessings it needs.

Part 2 of the series "We're Selling the News"

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