Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Fact is Fiction

See all men are equal all is for sale
A powerful dog that's been chasing his tail
The lowest common denominator prevails
We're selling the news

I want to believe you
I want to believe
But everything is in between
The fact is fiction

Suspicion is the new religion

Occupy Wall Street in NYC

"All men are equal all is for sale" begins the fourth verse of Switchfoot's song, reminding me of the ominous words in George Orwell's Animal Farm, when the pigs claim that: "all animals are equal."  Of course, we all know how the book ends: the animals discover that what the pigs (symbolic of dictators) really believe is that "all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others."
Let me remind all of you of something: men are certainly not equal in one sense of the word.  For example, I am not my brother's equal, for he can skateboard much better than I can; he is not my equal because I can bake much better than he can.  We are not, as far as being "evenly balanced," equal.  This is one of those words that are being seriously misused.  In the above Orwell quote, "equality" is being used to describe what rights animals (symbolic of men) can exercise.  Men, in the words of the Declaration of Independence are "Created equal, and endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."  We are all "equal" in this sense.  But, we are not equal in the way the socialists would have us believe.  When "all men are equal," then (as the Occupy Wall Street people would have us believe) no one should be able to succeed, and all personal growth should be restricted.  Hence, everything is for sale because no one is allowed to hold on to personal convictions, to go against the crowd, to rise above what his culture defines as "normal and successful." 

The "powerful dog that's been chasing his tail" is our country. Our politicians have been so worried about political correctness that they've been too busy criticizing the patriots of this country- running after America's remaining heroes- and letting the terrorists go through security posts without a problem so they can prod and poke the normal white children who, of course, pose "such a threat" to society.

The Occupy Wall Street people are claiming they are the 99%; in all actuality they are the minority- a group of fanatics who are stirring up trouble.  Yet they're the ones with the news spots, threatening to change things.  More Americans are pro-life than pro-choice.  Yet their Planned Parenthoods continue operating and their representative is in office.  "The lowest common denominator prevails" because they're the ones doing the complaining, they're the ones stirring up trouble, and they're the ones the government is too worried about being polite towards, to the extent that they cannot control them, for fear of looking harsh.

This is why people are beginning to worry.  Suddenly, those who are informed do not know where to turn for truth because the media, government, and protesters are all lying to them.  "I want to believe you, but everything is in between," says the American who knows how far his country has deteriorated, because suddenly his been forced to be wary of all informants claiming to tell the truth.  The fact has become fiction, and our news stories (which so many people believe out of honest ignorance) are mostly opinion with a few twisted facts, when it should be the other way around.

And thus, suspicion becomes our new religion as we turn around in this deceptive world and try to find an honest voice amid the lies.

[Sorry this series is taking me so long to write/finish.  It's been busy around here! :)  Please be patient with me; I plan to post more regularly now.  God Bless!]

Part 3 of 9 in the series "We're Selling the News"

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