Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Seldom as it Appears

America listens the story is told
With an eye on the truth as the story unfolds
But the ratings determine if story was sold
We're selling the news

Begging the question mongering fears
Stroking the eyes and tickling ears
The truth is seldom just as it appears
We're selling the news

Photo: Close view of girls’ eyes
National Geographic

As Switchfoot's insightful song "Selling the News" continues, the first two lines written above make me think of the conscience we all have, whispering to us about what is right and what is wrong.  As Americans watch their TV screens, scanning the headlines and following the top stories, they listen with one foot planted in reality and the other in the TV.  They know what is real, what is true, what is right, and as they listen they decide whether the stories fit these parameters.  Yet, too many Americans have become unable to listen objectively.  They trust the news channels to bring them honest reports, and so when something doesn't sound quite right, they write off their gut feelings and adjust their perspective so that their mind will accept what the television is saying. 

This mentality causes them to forget many things, such as the fact that before any stories are even broad casted, Muslim princes and rich executives screen the information, the Muslims approve what is politically correct, and the executives then choose what is interesting and will continue to bring subscriptions.  Thus, the Americans hear what they're supposed to and remain ignorant of the true state of their country

And so the reporters raise questions without offering satisfactory answers, playing with the people's fears and always promising more information "right after this quick break," yet the greatly desired answers never come.  They "stroke the eyes" with attractive anchors, modern sets, and impressive photography while they reassure the Americans that the crisises occurring in other countries involving dictators and a loss of freedom could never happen here.  They hide the fact that our government is slowly taking control of more and more, creeping in and monitoring us much too carefully.  Things appear normal on the surface, but if one were to take the time to dig a little deeper, he would find many things amiss.

Despite all this, things go on seemingly as usual, and the stations continue to announce with plastic smilies "we're selling the news."

Part 4 of the series "We're Selling the News"

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