Thursday, November 1, 2012


First of all, Happy All Saints' Day everyone!!!

Now, down to business.

My life is finally beginning to slow down, and so this neglected space will once again be receiving some attention.  I still would like to, eventually, return to the schedule that I re-introduced back in August (and then became too busy to keep).  My goal is to be on this schedule by Advent.

Also, I plan to do a little blog updating, so I may be messing with different looks, backgrounds, fonts, etc, so do not be alarmed if "A Catholic Teen's Perspective" starts to shift appearances.

Thanks to my followers for hanging in there with me; I was thrilled to see that I gained a few readers despite my spotty posting.  I sincerely hope that you all will enjoy the increased activity in the coming months.

I hope everyone has been having a great Ordinary Time, please take time to research before you go vote (for Romney) this week, and get ready for the reboot of my blog!

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