Thursday, August 9, 2012

Bringing It Back!

Hello Dear Readers!

I know I have been way behind in my news reports and media reviews, so I'm bringing back the blog "schedule" that I used for a little while last year with some slight modifications.

Here is the schedule layout.  The dark green and dark pink days are days that alternate each week, meaning one week I do a music review, the next a movie review, etc, while dark blue days are every week:

Music Mondays (I review an album or a handful of single songs)
Tidings Tuesdays (I relay the facts concerning a recent news story and then comment on it)
Witty Wednesdays (I share a quote from a Catholic figure and write a short reflection on it)
Theatrical Thursdays (I review a movie)
Free Fridays (My day off- no posts this day unless necessary)
Saintly Saturdays (I share the "Cliff-Notes" version of the life of a Saint or "Blessed" and why they are important in our lives today)

Sunday is a day of rest, and I plan to spend it that way, unless a special feast day or news flash requires attention.  Hopefully I will stick to this for a while, and you all will enjoy it.  I think it will help my posts become more varied, hence having "something for everyone", along with restoring the original purpose I had in mind when I created this blog.

Anyway, this will start next week.  I realize that I do not have a book review day in the schedule; I will post literary reviews on days when I do not have another post scheduled, yet still have the time to write. And if eventually you feel you would rather have a regular book day than one of the days above, comment and let me know.

May God bless you during the rest of this week!  Stay cool!

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