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Closer- Josh Groban
Classical/Vocal/ Pop

Josh Groban's CD "Closer" is unique: along with having the typical vocal pieces in the romance languages, it also has some very beautiful, pop-like English songs and the occasional religious number, all adding up to a very enjoyable CD.  "My Confession" is a compelling song about someone who has been running from God for too long, and is now "on [his] knees, confessing".  His version of "You Raise Me Up" is my favorite take on this song so far, being grand and very dramatic.  "Remember When it Rained" might be my favorite on the disc, being a reflection on turning to God in desperation, when all seems lost.  The "exotic" pieces are lovely, "When You Say You Love Me" is romantic, and "Never Let Go" is inspirational.  Josh Groban's voice is incredible, and this CD is perfect for when one finds himself tired of the junk on the radio or simply wants to listen to something different.
Possible Concerns:
Overall, the CD is fine. No bad language, sensual imagery, or negative messages.  The song "Broken Vow" is about a woman leaving her husband for another man, and him asking himself why he let it happen.  Near the end of the song, Josh Groban sings: "I'd give away my soul to hold you once again, and never let this promise end."  In context, this statement is obviously a culmination of this poor man's despair over having lost the love of his life, but still, this line is not the best. 

I asked for this CD after seeing Josh Groban in the Ignatius catalog, and have been thoroughly enjoying it since receiving it.  I recommend this to everyone, as I think the majority of people, no matter what their normal musical preferences are, could enjoy this CD.

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