Monday, August 27, 2012

Children of the Rosary

The Children of the Rosary
The "Children of the Rosary" is a newsletter/blog founded and written by Catholic teens for Catholic teens.  They describe the purpose of their publications as being: " have fun with, teach, evangelize, and unite ourselves with other Catholic youth around the globe."
Their website is cool and professional in appearance, a pleasant change of pace from the all-too-common gaudy, home-made looking sites.  They regularly post stories, articles, and information concerning Catholic youth and theology.  Though the site is brand-new (only about a month old, I believe), they've mananged to compile a good amount of information which continues to grow steadily.  Outside of apologetics, the site also has a "Comics" and "Jokes" section, and entertaining videos often find their way into the regular articles.
The newsletter is as full of variety as the website, including hand-drawn art, riddles, reflections, and prayers.  As of right now, you can view the newsletter from the site or have it e-mailed to you.  Eventually, they would like to print is as well.
I would encourage all of my readers to check out this wonderful resource.  I've thoroughly enjoyed exploring past issues and the recently updated site, and know that you all will as well.
Thanks to the team at "Children of the Rosary" for seeking to provide Catholic teenagers with a fun, reliable resource filled with faith and fun.
You can visit the "Children of the Rosary" website at  You can sign-up to receive e-mails under "The Newsletter" tab.  Thanks to Corey and the other teens for their patience, and for promoting me on their site as well!  May God bless them as they continue to do God's work!

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