Monday, April 11, 2011

Music Monday: Article One!!!

Colors and Sounds-Article One

This CD is totally awesome and uniquely beautiful! I actually saw these guys in concert two years ago at the Rock for Life Concert the night before the March for Life in DC. They are amazing! The best part? The violinist!!!! He dominates all of the songs and is freakishly good (he played a fast solo with the violin on top of his head without messing up)! Outside of the gorgeous sound, these guys have a genuine, godly messages in their lyrics. The hit song on the album, "Without You (I'm Not Alright)" talks about the need for God to keep you on the right track in life. Another one of my favorites, "If the World Gives Up," is all about God sticking with you through everything- he will not abandon you. Every single song has this kind of a message- relying on God for everything and through everything. I highly recommend buying this album, then going on and looking up the lyrics to the songs. Under every song, one of the band members explains the religious message they were trying to convey through their music. It's truly a one-of-a-kind group!

Possible Concerns:
None, unless you're allergic to out-of-this-world-awesome violin music!!!! :)

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