Monday, April 25, 2011

I'm Ocean Blue...

Cerulean- The Ocean Blue


"This I call my sailboat, and these are all my friends," is the opening line of Breezing Up, the first song on this gentle CD full of upbeat tunes, smooth music, and light-hearted voices. This album is innocent and lovely, and its songs range from speaking of sailing, sunny days, and blue skies to being in love, confused, or sad. Yet, even when lamenting good times lost, The Ocean Blue still makes one feel care-free. The music is nothing complex, hard, or fast. It has the feeling of someone wandering through their day, in no hurry-without any stress. I love listening to this CD when I'm by the pool, on the way to the beach, or even just relaxing at home with the windows open. It will cure you of a bad mood or heavy heart in a flash, and will have you singing it's happy little rhythms the rest of the day. Once again, I can't help but recommend the whole album! It's something everyone can enjoy. David (the lead singer's) voice is clear and always on perfect key, and the instruments create the perfect aquatic melodies.

Possible Concerns:
None, once again! I hope you enjoy this beautiful CD!

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