Thursday, June 2, 2011

Summer Goals

School is out and my family and I are about to move to a new house! We'll still be in the same city, but on the opposite side of town- so it's going to take quite a bit of adjusting.

This was my last year of "going to school." For the next two years, I am going to be homeschooled! This is a big change for me, since I have never been homeschooled. And the junior year of high school is not exactly a normal time to start such a different method of learning. Nevertheless, my family and I are embarking on many new adventures!

Now, with any new situation comes challenges. Summer brings more free time for me, which means I now have to decided how I am going to spend that time. Will I use it all for myself, or will I use it to grow closer to God? And in this new neighborhood/house. Will I strive to bring Christ's light to others through the way I reach out to my community, or will I refuse to branch out and selfishly remain withdrawn?

I believe in goal-setting, but I have a horrible tendency to set many huge goals, feel overwhelmed, and not accomplish any of them. So, I'm going to tell you all about a few of my goals for this summer. Some of them are just for fun, some are serious. But hopefully posting about them will keep me accountable and maybe help you all get an idea of what you can do this summer also!

Summer Goals:
  1. To pray every morning as soon as I wake up and every night before falling asleep for a reasonable amount of time (aka, not five minutes).
  2. To make an effort to be more helpful around my house- complaining less and doing more.
  3. To read at least two new books a month, one non-fiction and one book of choice (then review them here for all of you!)
  4. To get in shape, working out every day in some way.
  5. To spend time outside every day (in hopes that I will get a good tan!)
These are just five little things, but they could make a big impact if I stick to them! What are some of your summer goals? I'll keep you posted on how I'm doing! And I'd love to hear from you! :)

God Bless!

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  1. Hi! Thank you so much for this blog. I just found it today and I'm loving it. I'm a homeschooled, Catholic teen and I'm going into my Junior year also! After looking at your summer goals, I am going to strive for those along with you! I'd be happy to talk with you more if you'd like, especially about homeschooling. :)

  2. You're welcome Gracie! I'm so happy you like it! Wow, we have much in common. That's cool, that way neither of us is alone in our attempts! I would love to talk with you more! If you feel comfortable, leave an e-mail in your next comment. Or, you can just leave comments and I will reply to them here! :)

  3. Ok, I'll give you an open email and from there I can give you my personal one! :)
    You can start by emailing me at

  4. ok so i love God and am a catholic teen. i go to church on sundays, pray at night and at every meal. i love that those are your goals but open up to new activities and add some more new activities to ur list or else when you get to the real world you will be overwelmed. branch out!!! its not bad to party if your not being bad. the real world is not a catholic bubble. wish you well

  5. Good, loving God is important, as is going to Mass and prayer.
    We all are free to choose the way we spend our time. Having fun is not a bad thing as long as one remains within Christ's guidelines.
    No, the whole world is not a Catholic bubble. But, by choosing to surround myself with as many good things as possible, and distancing myself from the bad by reading wholesome books, watching movies free from cursing or immorality, etc. I can, in a sense, create a Catholic bubble around myself. And though this may sound boring, it is actually quite fun, because I know that whatever activities I am engaging in are safe, and it saves me from becoming comfortable with lower standards.

  6. no i agree with what you are saying but once you get in the real world as hard as you try you won't be able to control the people around you.

  7. Very true, we cannot control those around us. But our actions effect the way people act around us. If one stoops to society's level, people won't feel the need to act any differently when you are present. But, by working on growing and living in virtue- others may act more respectfully around you. And, we can still strive to become the "best-versions-of-ourselves" despite others (Matthew Kelly).

  8. whatever im done here trying to make u see the real world

  9. To those of us who have been exposed to the real world, the question is not "Do we see it?" the question is "Do we embrace it?" Acknowledging something, and following it are two different things. I pray you continue to find the strength to live as a faithful Catholic, even in the "real world." May God bless you!


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