Sunday, June 12, 2011

Strike the Match

Blessed Pentecost Everyone!

Today, I have a challenge for all of you! It is Pentecost today, and in the first reading we heard about how the Holy Spirit descended upon the Apostles like tongues of fire and they were filled with the energy and motivation to go out and carry the good news to the whole world in the name of Christ and His newborn Church. In honor of this Holy Day, I want all of you to pray- and ask the Holy Spirit to re-ignite His fire within you. Then, I want you to make your best effort to truly invite Him to do this. If listening to a particular hymn or religious song inspires you, take time to do that today. If adoration really touches you, go kneel before the Lord. If praying the Rosary feeds your soul, do so. But please, make a real effort to spend a little extra time in prayer in honor of the birth of The Church!

All of our souls are like candles, and the Holy Spirit is the fire. All we have to do is open our hearts to Him, and it is as though we struck a match- and the Holy Spirit will respond.

May God you as to strive to do His work with a new found strength!

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