Monday, June 6, 2011

Just Five More Minutes...

Happy (Belated) Feast of the Ascension everyone!

The priest at Mass yesterday said a Hail Mary before the closing prayer for everyone who left early. This made me start thinking. We all are very busy people. Jobs, school, family activities, sports, projects, and many other things demand our attention throughout the day. Often, we are so preoccupied that we don't spend much time in prayer. Unfortunately, we can end up putting God on hold until we have time to talk to Him. But, often this time is hard to find. So we rush through the weeks, spending seconds to say a quick, "Hello, I need this and this and this. Thanks." to God and forget He should be the top priority. Because God knew the world would keep us busy, He set aside Sundays as a special day of rest and reflection for His people- a day when He should get the praise He deserves. Mass is the high point of all of this worship, for at Mass Christ comes down to us in a most humble and miraculous sacrifice through the Eucharist. Often, Mass takes one hour tops. One hour we are, as Catholics, required to spend in God's house. It should be something we look forward to, anticipate, and enjoy. But many don't understand how amazing and important this holy sacrifice is, and they leave after shoving Christ's body in their mouths- rushing to get out of the crazy parking lot and arrive at iHop before the crowds. You know who the first person to leave Mass early was? Judas. As Matthew Kelly says, Judas is the leader of all the "early-exit" Catholics. Do we as Catholics want to follow in Judas' guilty footsteps, or will we follow the example of our first Pope and give Christ the reverence He deserves?

May you all have a blessed week!

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  1. I hope that you have a blessed week as well. Great post!


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