Saturday, August 13, 2011

His Gaze

"His gaze of goodness is cast beyond the borders of the paradisiacal scene and into this valley of tears, which will carry on
in travail until the end of time."

The imagery in this is beautiful. Christ is gazing at us, at our fallen world, and sending his goodness into it. Though He is in paradise, He still focuses on Earth. He desires that we join Him, turn to Him, look into those eyes and drink in all that they are pouring out for us. And, as the quote says, He will not stop trying to help us. But, it is our choice to accept, look for, ask for, seek His help.
Do not give up on Christ, because He has not, and will never give up on you. It may seem your prayers aren't being answered, but it doesn't mean they're not being heard. God hears your pleas, and is answering your requests, maybe just not in the way you asked or expected. But God's plan is always infinitely better than ours, so trust Him. He will provide!

May God bless you!

Picture: Madonna of the Blooming Garden by Maurice Denis
Quote: Pierre-Marie Dumont
Both from August 2011 Magnificat


  1. Beautiful, comforting words, Arafea. That image is lovely as well. God bless!

  2. Thank you; I love the picture too! I was so excited to see that the image on the "August" issue of Magnificat was so pretty since this is my birthday month! :)


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