Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Delight in Waiting...

I was listening to "Haven't Met You Yet" by Michael Buble on my "Josh Groban" Pandora Radio station the other day for the first time, and it made me think. In the song, he's singing about how he's excited about meeting the woman who is going to be "the one;" he's dated other girls, but he sings, "I still haven't met you yet!" And he's happily anticipating being with his future wife.
Now, not everyone is called to marriage. Some are called to the priesthood, others to be sisters, nuns, friars, monks, or simply single lay people free to give all their time to the Church. But, even they are waiting for something. Whether it's seeing that special someone for the first time, or feeling that tug toward a specific religious order, we should all be awaiting our future with the joyful expectancy because God is the one planning it!
Whatever He has planned for you, it's going to be so amazing! Ladies, it may seem like there's no guy out there who could fill your expectations, treat you respectfully, be everything you need, but if you are called to marriage- "he" is out there! And guess what, you're going to meet him one day; he's going to love you, make you feel special, and draw you closer to Christ through your relationship! Just be patient. Gents, it also may seem to you that your search for a lady among society's children is difficult. But you will find one, THE one, God is getting her ready for you. And one day you will kneel down before her and have the thrill of watching her face light up as she promises to love you forever. Or, for those called to singleness, God will provide you with these lovely experiences as well- just read St. Therese of Little Flower's autobiography!
Any time there's a lull in my day, or while I'm doing things around the house, the happy little song will flow through my head and I'll start singing it, smiling because I truly can't wait to meet my future husband. Smiling because I know that as long as I trust God with my future, the outcome will be even more incredible than I ever dreamed!

And that is something to sing about!

God bless you all!

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  1. that song has nothing to do with religion. just saying.

    1. Hey Anonymous!

      You're right, on the surface it doesn't. But, as a Catholic young lady, thinking and anticipating the future always goes hand-in-hand with trusting in the Lord and wondering what He has in store for me. So, even a secular song can be turned into a joyful, Christ-filled reflection.

      God bless!


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