Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Who are You?

"The nation doesn’t simply need what we have. It needs what we are."

-St. Edith Stein

Once again, I find myself thanking God for the wisdom and eloquence of those who have gone before me. This lovely quote serves as a great reminder of my purpose here on Earth. I'm just a teenager, so I often feel disheartened by my inability to donate to all of the pro-life and religious organizations that ask me for help. But, if all I gave was money, I would be doing worse than I am now! Time is one of the most valuable things you can give to anyone or anything. This nation in particular needs young people everywhere to step up to the plate and start showing the world that we aren't going to take the great evils that have been slowing growing over the past few years. We need to stand up for life and show this nation that we will not be silent! We need to "take arms against this sea of troubles, and by opposing end them," (Shakespeare). We cannot stand still while the Church is attacked! We cannot be apathetic while millions die in the name of "choice!" As Stand True reminds us, "Apathy Breeds Death!" We cannot let this continue!!! It is in this sense that the nation needs "what we are." We are Catholic! We are Pro-Life! We are Soldiers of Christ! We are Missionaries! It's time for the teenagers of this world to stand up and start acting like we know who we are!

It's easy to lose yourself in this world, but God will help you find yourself again. Pray, ask God for help, then live your life knowing you CAN make an impact!

And may God bless all of you!

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