Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Hello everyone!

So, the second week of Lent has started. Now, if you're like me, you are struggling to stay true to your Lenten Sacrifices and Additions (things you add to your schedule for Lent- such as Bible readings or volunteering at soup kitchens). Why am I having trouble? Because I made quite a few goals, then tried to reach them all by myself.

If you all are having trouble balancing life and Lent, I have a few tips to possibly make your lives a little less stressful...
  1. Ask God for help. You can't just start reading the Bible, praying the rosary, and going to adoration every night (and all without any sweets to help you survive) without someone's help! Yes, I know that example is a little extreme, but many of us set goals and expect ourselves to be strong enough to acheive them. And we are, if we have our Lord's strenghth within us. But, apart from him, we can do nothing (I think that might be a Bible verse...).
  2. Set some things aside. If your goal is to read the Bible everyday, you are going to have to give up one of your daily activites to make room for this. When you have jam-packed days already, don't expect to squeeze one more thing in without temporarily setting something aside first.
  3. Don't fall behind. If you make a goal, stick to it. Don't let Bible readings or daily devotions be forgotten or lost in the shuffle, because the promise that you will get to it tomorrow is one you won't keep. When Friday comes and you have to pray four Rosaries, you are much less likely to pray them but if you only had your standard daily Rosary, keeping your promise will be much easier.
I hope this is helpful; I've learned from experience. Please remember my last post and perservere in virtue! And may God bless your efforts to grow closer to Him during this Lenten season.


  1. Hey, this is Caleb. I really liked your last post, and I'm with you! Just wondering, do you think of these yourself? And could I send some posts too, like once in a while, not stupid stuff, but like stuff you wrote?

  2. Hello Caleb! Thank you for commenting! Yes, I do. If there is something I have written before that you would like to see me post, feel free to e-mail me. But only I can post on my blog...
    Thank you for commenting!

  3. Good advice - I messed up on my Lenten promise to give up dessert. In a weak moment, when I was tired and hungry, I ate cookies! Time to get back up on the horse!


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