Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Couple CDs for Lent

I hope everyone is doing well today!

I've got a couple suggestions for all of you if you are looking for some nice, quiet or reflective music to listen to during Lent.

First, if you want something without words,

The Mystical Chants of Carmel-Carmelite Monks of Wyoming

This CD is very beautiful. The monks all have such melodious voices and sing in perfect harmony. The songs include different Mass hymns, such as the offertory, communion, and response songs, along with antiphons and prayers. The CD comes with the translations of all of the music. Please take the time to read these, for they are absolutely lovely prayers. There is also a video called "First Novice Clothing" on the CD. Put this on while you're reading the Bible, praying your rosary, or doing a Lenten Reflection. You could even use the prayers as your reflection. Track 9, the Stabat Mater, is a very good choice for Lent, because it dwells on the Seven Sorrows of Mary, beginning with
The sorrowful Mother stood
Beside the Cross in tears while her Son
Whose sighing, sorrowful and lamenting
soul, a sword pierced through.
O how sad and afflicted was that
Blessed Mother of the Only-begotten!

Possible Concerns:
Of course, there are none. Enjoy the calming effect this CD will have on you at any time of day.

Second, for something with words,

The House You're Building 
 The House You're Building-Audrey Assad

This CD is very nice. The lyrics all have heartfelt messages and meanings, and even sound like prayers. These are a perfect for listening to while you get ready in the morning or drive to school. Or you could use them as a kind of morning devotional starter. Listen to a song before your morning prayer to get your mind in a quiet, prayerful state. The songs range from lively to soothing, but all have an underlying peaceful pace. I know you will enjoy this CD, and hopefully the songs will help you to really look within yourself and seek to perfect your spiritual life.

Possible Concerns:
Once again, none to be found! Enjoy Audrey's touching words, and the religious insight in every song.

I hope you enjoy these! And continue to stick to those Lenten resolutions! :)

God Bless!

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  1. Still am! I love personally Downhere because of their main message: to constantly strive to seek God and serve Him. "Don't miss now" is one of my favorite songs.


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