Sunday, February 27, 2011

I've Been Ignited!


I've just returned from the 10th Annual Ignited by Truth Conference in Raleigh, NC. This is my third year going, and once again I've returned inspired and ready to live out my Catholic faith with new vigor and devotion.
The featured speaker this year was Matthew Kelly. He is a really amazing guy with an awesome Australian accent who has devoted his life to encouraging Catholics to stand up and be "game-changers." He pointed out that it takes 51 million people to elect an American president.... There are 67 million Catholics in the United States.... Something isn't measuring up here..... Because if all of these Catholics were living their lives the way they should be- and were educated and in love with their faith- there is no way Obama would be our President right now.
So, what was his solution? He started giving away free books. To be more specific, his book Rediscovering Catholicism. This book is incredible (according to my dad, I am going to read it soon- then I'll review it for all of you!) and has been changing many lives. He shared a very sad statistc with us. 1% of American Catholics read a good Catholic book last year. One percent!!!!
Do you want to be a game changer? I encourage you to read two good Catholic books. Fiction or non-fiction, just as long as they're helping you grow spiritually (which means they can't contradict any Catholic teachings). And, inspire someone else to do the same! Then, visit his website, Look up how to start a Mass Journal- another life-changing device.
Lent is approaching, it is time to light the world on fire with the truth- but first you need to know the truth! So, I ask you to please take these suggestions to heart. You never know, God may be depending on you to share the faith with someone else very soon- so make sure you're ready to answer his call! :)

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