Thursday, July 4, 2013

Not Alone: Preparing for the Future

This week's topic is: "What can you work on NOW to prepare you for your future vocation?"  The description it makes it clear that this is something which will vary from person to person, and depending on one's vocation.

In light of preparing for marriage, there are a variety of fun and prayerful things young ladies can do to be sure they are ready when Mr. Right comes along.  Filling a Hope Chest with old notebooks, photo albums, articles and books on relationships, love, and marriage, little things one may have outgrown, but would love to pass on to future children, practical house items, and sewing projects is a great way to actively anticipate the coming joys and demands.  Many enjoy the practice of writing letters to their future husbands as a way to keep them in mind, and to show them how they were preparing for them long before their lives intersected.  Personally, I do both of the above- but not as consistently as I would like.  Since I've had periods of doubt concerning where my future would lead me, I was often afraid that filling a hope chest and writing letters for someone who might not exist would only make letting go of the dream of marriage harder if God called me in the other direction.  But now that I feel more certain in my calling, I'm hoping to revisit those lovely traditions.  A 54-day novena for one's future husband is also a wonderful thing to do, for it keeps one's thoughts on love and marriage God-centered. 

Most importantly though, no matter what one's calling is, the best thing each person can do to prepare for it is to work on becoming the best they can be.  Joseph Pearce likes to call it the "Healthy Trinity"- making sure the mind, body, and soul are being fed and exercised regularly.  Each tip of the triangle is an essential part of the whole- though the soul is the top.  Working out and eating healthy keep the temple of the Spirit strong.  Reading a variety of books, and making sure to go beyond what is easy to read in order to make the brain work a little, is an excellent habit to develop.  Playing a musical instrument, learning how to read music, and listening to classical tracks all help expand one's mind in an enjoyable way.  Above all else, make sure that time each day is set aside for prayer.  Things like fasting or reading a theological book are great ways to exercise two areas at the same time. 

Doing things every day to help remind oneself of the lifestyle to come, but also focusing on improving and becoming stronger now are the best ways to prepare for one's future vocation.

How do/did you all prepare for your future vocations?

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  1. I have prayed the 54 Day Rosary Novena a few times and I agree with you. I have a friend who keeps a hope chest but I have never done it.

  2. Yes, I really enjoy the 54 Day Novena- it has helped me learn how to keep my dreams of the future God-centered. The Hope Chest is something I would suggest once you are sure you are called to marriage. It might even be a fun thing to start once you are engaged, and to work on filling throughout the engagement period- as a fun way to take time to prepare yourself for marriage in the midst of the wedding planning.

    God bless!


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