Thursday, May 30, 2013

Why I'm Not Overly Excited About the Gosnell Verdict

Kermit Gosnell
The reports on the Kermit Gosnell case flared up, received as little attention as was possible, and were quickly ditched in honor of a different type of horror house.  During the miniature uproar, proud pro-lifers and staunch abortion advocates stood up, convinced that the chilling stories, heart-wrenching images, and bloody evidence would convert everyone to their viewpoints.  Pro-lifers cried, "We told you so!" and desperately tried to explain to the public that all abortions were done in these violent ways, that these "tools of mass destruction" were shared by even the cleanest abortion clinics, and that- just as the babies whose spines had been cut were murder victims, the children who are disassembled in their mothers' wombs hourly are victims also.  But just as they declared the need to turn away from this violent form of child abuse, the pro-choice sides pulled out their now cliché hangers, waving them as reminders of the filthy, dangerous, pre-Planned-Parenthood, back-alley abortions and warning America that if they outlawed abortion, they were just asking for all women to be subjected to treatment like Gosnell's. 

Well, both sides managed to create such a noisy havoc that neither side won.  Though the Gosnell case did open some people's eyes to the truth about what abortion is, for many it only solidified their belief that offering birth control and "safe, legal" abortion was necessary.  Despite this, what the pro-choice side tries to sell the public is deceptive, and the graphic images which came out of Gosnell's facility are not that different from the horrific sights abortion "doctors" see every day.  The suffering, scars, hurts, and wounds which Gosnell's customers were left with are identical to the lasting pains "safe and legal" abortion procedures cause.  Unfortunately, the media did not take this angle.

To a certain degree, justice was done.  Kermit Gosnell was found guilty of first-degree murder, but only of three babies who were delivered alive before being killed.  Though I am happy that he will suffer punishment for his outrageous abuses against life, I would have been happier to see him convicted for numerous murders- murders which jars of body parts promise existed. 

Which is why, though I am pleased that he was found guilt of something, I feel that other, more clear and triumphant victories which have upheld the pro-life cause and their growing power give more reasons to celebrate.


  1. I concur with this blog post.

  2. I could not agree more. We must pray for Gosnell and men and women like him.


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