Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Five Summer Reads

I apologize for the length of time between posts this summer!

In order to give you all something to read when I'm not posting, I've compiled a list of five books that are great summer reads.  They are five of my personal favorites, and not too heavy (hence, why they are good summer reading); all are spiritually nourishing and will keep you turning the pages!  The highlighted titles are links to reviews I have previously posted; I've given a brief description of the books I have not reviewed in the past.  Enjoy!

The Great Divorce
-C.S. Lewis

Hold on as C.S. Lewis takes you on a bus trip from Hell to, well, almost Heaven.  This book is absolutely incredible; Lewis's unique perspective on Hell, Purgatory, and Heaven will surely open your eyes to the beauty of God's mercy and the contrasting appearance of man's nature, changing the way you think about life after death for the better.  A beautiful, vivid, and mind-blowing novel that will have you both laughing and crying the whole way through!

-David C. Downing

Mr. Blue
-Myles Connolly

This book is short, simply written, and not hard to understand, yet it has life-changing potential.  It follows the life of a "modern-day St. Francis" from the perspective of someone who, though he doesn't entirely understand him, falls in love with him (not in the romantic sense- just to clarify).  Mr. Blue is a deeply religious person who, like St. Francis, chooses to live in poverty.  He is filled with a child-like joy and wonder at the world, though at times in the novel the reader catches glimpses of an intense soul hidden within this happy-go-lucky creature.  Please read this book, fall in love with Mr. Blue along with the narrator, and allow his life to change yours!  A novel you're sure to read more than once!


-St. Therese of Lisieux

Rediscovering Catholicism
-Matthew Kelly

Matthew Kelly, an inspirational Catholic speaker, brings his interesting perspective to everyone in an engaging book highlighting the beauty of Catholicism, and the amazing things the Catholic Church does that the news will never tell you.  Think that Catholicism is a "boring" religion?  Think that the Church is outdated and "too old" to help you now?  Think again, and read Matthew Kelly's easy-to-understand guide, written to bring you back home smiling.  If you enjoy it, look into his talks (he is an entertaing speaker).  Though his message is basically the same, it's still  worth listening to the CDs as he is as easy to listen to as he is to read.


Please do read all of these, or at least try a couple of them.  There are three fiction and two non-fiction titles, and they are all fairly short.  I hope you enjoy these, for they have all (especially Mr. Blue, The Great Divorce, and The Story of a Soul) come to hold a special place in my heart.

May God bless you and keep you cool as the summer continues!


  1. Reading "Story of a Soul" was life changing for me. At first, I was felt put off by Therese's perfection - She was young, beautiful, rich and completely in love with the Lord. By the end of the book, however, I had been won over. She is one of my favorite saints and role models!

    1. I know what you mean. At first, it's hard to believe that she is a "real" person, and you feel like she is impossible to identify with, but as the book goes on and she begins talking about her struggles and imperfections, you find yourself wanting to tell her "You're not that bad, don't be so hard on yourself!" Her story is so beautiful, and I often find myself thinking about the way she handled pride, temptation, and a judgmental nature when I am struggling with the same things. St. Therese, pray for us!

  2. I also read The Great Divorce by C.S. Lewis and LOVED it! Such an interesting take on Salvation and Heaven, and very thought provoking!

    1. Avery, it certainly is! And it is so unique; there is truly nothing like it.

      God bless!


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