Monday, April 23, 2012

A Timely Warning

Catholic Under Attack: Glen Beck

Though not a huge fan of Glen Beck, I recommend this video to all Catholics, and all the religious members of the United States of America.  The reasoning behind this video is the same reasoning that compelled me to write my earlier post: "Deep Thoughts for Troubled Times".  I know, this may seem very morbid.  But, if I do not warn my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ about the coming terror, then their sufferings could easily be blamed upon me.  All those who know must inform others, for the waters are rising, the tsunami is forming, and if those who see the approaching wave do not warn the town, many souls will be lost due to lack of knowledge and prayerful preparation.

"Deus, converte nos, et veni, ut salvos facias nos."
"Convert us, O God: and show us they face, and we shall be saved."

Psalms 79:4

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