Tuesday, January 31, 2012

News on Comments

Yes, dear readers, I'm finally back!

January is always a busy month for me, with all of the pro-life activites keeping my weeks busy in preparation and the weekends busy with participation.  Add sickness to that, and one can become horribly overwhelmed, and as a result other things (such as this blog) have to take a back seat.

But, now January is (almost) over and I can write for your enjoyment again! :)

First though, I wanted to talk about the comments.  Blogger changed a little bit, and I can now reply directly to a comment instead of having to write back as if I were another reader.  But, when I do reply through the form of another comment, a little circle with a pencil in it appears next to my name so that it is obvious that the author is the one writing the comment.

I love getting comments, and I try to reply to them in a timely manner.  Make sure you continue to check back for my replies, especially if your comment included a question.

Thank you, readers, for your continued support.  I'll be reviewing War Horse and We Bought a Zoo very soon.

God Bless!

And, thanks to all of you who prayed for my Mom.  Through the Lord's goodness, she did not have to go to the hospital and she is now fully recovered!  Praise be to Christ, and may God bless all of those who implored Mary and her Son to heal my Mom.


  1. I am proud that you, one of my students, has so eloquently stood up for a baby's right to live at the recent pro-life meeting in downtown Wilmington. As I wrote to the Deanery coordinator on Facebook, next to my daughter Adelina, you are my all time favorite girl, and yes, I am proudly biased. Keep close the our Blessed Mother, and keep your Bible in one hand and your Rosary Beads in the other so that you may stay well equipped to continue the fight against the enemy. Ephesians 6:10-18. Deus te benedicat magnopere, mea amica!

    PS, tell Mom & Dad I said, "Salvete!"

    1. Thank you Mr. P! This comment made my day; your praise is always cherished since I know it is coming from a wise and holy man. I am honored to be so highly favored by my former teacher! I will keep close to her, and will indeed keep my Sword and Rosary in hand so that I will not be found defenseless during the supernatural batttle. You are in my prayers, as are your children and their mother.
      As far as my eloquence, it is all the Holy Spirit simply using my mouth to speak His message; I am so blessed to be chosen to be one of the Lord's mouthpieces upon this Earth.
      Praise be to God, and may He bless you abundantly!

      P.S. I will, they will be happy to hear from you, we all miss you!

  2. I'm so glad to hear that your mother is doing well. I'm also looking forward to reading your posts again. God bless you!


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